Benny Rice, PhD

Associate Research Scholar, EEB, Princeton University


Ecology and Evolution of Pathogens from Emergence → Persistence → Elimination

1. Pathogen Emergence: Coronaviruses in Africa

We seek to apply ecological and evolutionary approaches to identify gaps in data streams (focusing on coronaviruses in Africa), and pinpoint features of host-pathogen biology associated with emergence.

2. Pathogen Persistence: Evolutionary Ecology of Parasite Diversity

Parasite taxa provide rich models to probe fundamental questions in ecology and evolutionary biology such as co-existence and trade-offs along the specialist-generalist continuum. Here, we focus on malaria parasites of humans and wildlife.

3. Pathogen Elimination: Why is Malaria Transmission Stubborn?

Our efforts to control malaria are currently stalled. Using Madagascar as a case study, we developed epidemiological "field" studies in rural communities in Madagascar to characterize malaria transmission and its drivers

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